MFC is a missionary community. Just like the Church of which we are a part, we exist for mission. This means we go out into the world and share the good news of Jesus Christ. We do a worldwide work of evangelization, working for the salvation of souls and for spiritual transformation.


In MFC we do three types of missionary work.

1) On the simplest level, all members who actively serve in the day‐to‐day life of MFC are doing mission, simply because they contribute to the overall work of the missionary community.

2) On a higher level, mission is understood to be the actual going out into the world to actively carry on the work of MFC. This can be going for a few hours to another parish, or going for the weekend to another area (state, city, etc.), or going for a week or longer to other countries.

3) On the highest level, to be a missionary is to leave home and settle in another country or territorial area for an extended period of time, normally at least one year, in order to do our work.