It has been 42 years of our life and mission. In that time, the vision that God gave us has continued to evolve. In 1981 we saw the establishment of Couples for Christ (CFC). In 1993 we saw its re-founding. In 2007 we saw its restoration, now as CFC-FFL. In 2011 God gifted us with the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) mission, as our participation in the Church’s work of New Evangelization.

All this has always been in accordance with God’s plan and design. God does not reveal everything at once, but journeys with us as He unfolds the totality of His plan. Today, with the world in darkness and rampant evil, with growing paganism and apostasy, with great challenges even within our Catholic Church, God is revealing the fullness of His design for us.

Where evil abounds, grace abounds even more. In this third millennium, God has called for the New Evangelization, intended to bring renewal and revival to His Church. We are at the forefront of this call. God provides the new wine of the ever-creative Holy Spirit, but there must be a new wineskin to contain it.

In response to the Spirit’s prophetic call for our community, in accordance with the evolution of God’s design, in preparation for the more massive work in this third millennium, we are changing our name. Our new name, effective today, will be: Missionary Families of Christ.
Our true identity

We started in the Philippines in 1981 as Couples for Christ. It was basically an outreach to couples. Only in 1993 did we offer a place for every other member of the family. Further, since 1981, God has revealed more and more of His plan for us, and has moved us closer to the heart of our Church, the body of Christ on earth.

    In 1981, under the aegis of the Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon(LNP), we were a transparochial community, not integrated in the life of the Church.
    In 1993, after separating from LNP, we moved closer to the Church, but functioned as a parallel community, running side-by-side with the Church but not intersecting, like railroad tracks.
    In 2007, with the split in CFC and the restoration of our authentic charism, we moved to become a servant tothe Church.
    In 2011, with the introduction of LCSC, we moved to become a servant ofthe Church, committed not just to our own evangelization work, but striving to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization.

The name “Couples for Christ” is not longer reflective of our call. Now it is clear who we are and what we are called to do. The two most important aspects of Christian life, especially considering the deepening evil in the world today, are the renewal of families and the work of evangelization. The family is God’s basic unit for society and the Church, and its stability and strength will determine the future of humanity. But there is also the call to do mission. Our Church, of which we are a part, is a missionary Church. This is her most important work.

This is what our call is about. This is what it has always been, but revealed to us by God in stages. This is what God has prepared us for through all these 38 years. This is our identity, our charism and our work. We are Missionary Families of Christ.