The Christian life is intended to be a continuing process of spiritual growth. God’s call is to holiness and perfection. In MFC, we provide an environment where one can be fully supported in living out God’s call. As such, MFC provides continuing formation to members, including many teaching courses.

Following is the pattern of formation in MFC:

The first year program of formation in MFC consists of the following components:

1. Christian Life Seminar (CLS) 6 sessions 1 1/2 months
2. Covenant Recollection (CR) 8 talks (4 sessions) 4 months
3. Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) 7 talks 1 weekend
4. Evangelization Training (ET) 2 talks ½ day

The above is the first-year track. The members of a household formed after the CLS would normally remain together and go through this track. 

After the first year, various other courses are offered, as follows:

1. Spiritual Gifts (SpG) 4 talks
2. Foundations for Christian Living (FCL) 12 talks
3. Christian Personal Relationships (CPR) 6 talks
4. Living as a People of God (LPG) 6 talks
5. The Christian and Emotions (CE) 6 talks
6. Fruit of the Holy Spirit (FHS) 6 talks
7. Marriage Enrichment Retreat II (MER 2) 6 talks


Leaders formation

All members who assume pastoral leadership (i.e., handle people in a household) are given corresponding training:
1. Household Leaders Training (HLT) 16 talks
2. Unit Leaders Training (HLT) 12 talks
3. Chapter Leaders Training (CLT) 9 talks