The entry point to MFC Youth is the Youth Camp. The Youth Camp is a three-day stay-in activity to officially bring your children into MFC Youth. The youth camp is open to all youth ages 12-17.

The Youth Camp must not be seen merely as a three-day experience where your children can have fun. We should realize that the Youth Camp is not an end in itself. It is not just for amusement that will give the Youth something to do during the summer or semester break, but rather it is the beginning of what will hopefully be a lifetime commitment to God for them.

The Youth Camp is a venue where your children can form lasting friendships with one another, as well as, share ideas and experience in a fun and wholesome environment, where Christian values are openly talked about and actively practiced.

In the Youth Camp, your children will hear about God’s great love proclaimed by other youth like them. They will be exposed to other youth who will serve them as speakers, sharers, facilitators, game coordinators, etc. Seeing other young people like themselves speaking of God’s great love, taking on leadership roles and serving others will eventually encourage them to do the same.

If you want to learn more about the MFC Youth Camp and other programs for the youth, we are ready to help. Please contact us.