About Us

Our history... Who we are and what we are called to do.

Heavenly Father, source of all our blessings, we thank you for your great love for us, which sees us through every circumstance in our life. Grant us the grace to live our lives in accordance with your divine will, especially in bringing us to holiness.

Lord Jesus, we rejoice in your call to us to serve you our Master. May we see clearly to giving you our all, especially as you intend for us to be instruments of blessing for our family, our community, and our Church.

Holy Spirit, we pray without ceasing for your strength and your power, as you send us forth to do mission. As we face the powerful forces of the enemy, keep us protected, fired up with zeal, filled with boldness and endurance, ever moving forward as holy warriors.

Our dear Mother Mary, we rest in your loving comfort and embrace. May we always look to you as we live in obedience to your Son. We serve in your army, and know that in victory we are blessed beyond bounds.


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